3 Ways to Improve Focus

(by the way, this is my favorite series of all time)

Like you, I also procrastinate or sometimes yearn for down-time and just enjoying staring at the space regardless of the deadliest due time of submission for work and school related matter. Given the fact that I need to push my self, it is still a puzzle to me... why on earth I still have this kind of phase? Shouldn't 30-ish gals know how to focus by this time? or simply not procrastinating or yearning for down-time. Oh well, just being me. So, here are the tips that hopefully can help you when ... [ Read More ]

Skin Care: Bio-Oil

Bio Oil Review

  As part of 5-days daily routine, wearing make-up is a must and so as removing it at the end of the day. Some can get away from sporting a no make-up look, or simply no make-up at all, lucky they! But my case is different, I love putting make-up especially lipstick and I will look like a zombie if I will not made an effort to do so, much worst... I also have the ridiculous spell of acne... it's in my genes urgh!. With that said, having a good make-up remover is a must in my beauty ... [ Read More ]

Foodie in Organico Gourmet


As promised from my previous post about Organico Gourmet's Cold-Pressed Juices  here's a mouth-watering foodie post from the launch of Organico Gourmet, yehey! Healthy food can also be a delicious. That's what the team behind the newly-opened Organico Gourmaet restaurant wants people to know about their yummy dishes as per Organico's Business Development Manager, Patrick Ignacio and Brand & Marketing consultant, Warren Manlapaz. Located at #916 Luna Mencias Street in the San Juan ... [ Read More ]

Love is a Choice. Love is not a Feeling- JB


As I do my usual morning reading after the broadsheets, I saw an article from Harper's Bazaar about Justine's Bieber and Selena Gomez' breakup. What he said is utterly true but of course much harder when you are in a "marriage" like Justine Bieber, my heart speaks the way he do...   "I can't lean on people. I got to lean on God. I gotta trust in him through all my situations." Here's from Harpe's Bazaar/ Justine Bieber: ...He opened up in the interview about many things, but most ... [ Read More ]

Organico Gourmet

Organico Gourmet Restaurant

  Yes! I found another one fine dining that captured my heart along Shaw Blvd and this one is organic. When I turned 30 in 2014, somehow my lifestyle has changed and that includes the meals that I have to prepare for my family. My husband as well embraced the agony of having high-blood pressure.. it seems that 2014 is really a life-changing year for us in terms of our health. Our family doctor recommended "juicing". I am still in progress buying the right juicer because most of my ... [ Read More ]