Coffee Project: Charming haven for coffee-lovers

Coffee Project at Vista Place QC

A beautiful, garden-inspired coffee shop blossomed in Quezon City, and I 'm sure you, girls (and boys, too), will love it. Just look at these stunning floral chandeliers. Oh, boy, I'm in love with this place! I am actually biased to cozy and colorful coffee shops, so this place really caught my eye. I love the design aesthetic and feel of the place. Every corner is so Instagramable. (Yes, that's a big deal for us, millenials, you know. Lol) There were a lot of flowers ... [ Read More ]

5 Things to Consider in Buying a House

After having worked for nearly a decade now, I, sometimes, contemplate on getting our own place, a place we can really call our “own home”. My husband and I have been living at his mom's house since we got married. Though the house is big and very convenient for us (and Mama doesn’t really want us to move out), now that we have stable jobs and at least can afford some extra luxuries, I think it's time to do some long-term investment: I want our own house in the very near future. I have been ... [ Read More ]

4 Habits to Break for a Wiser Investment


When I was younger, I can easily afford to do whatever I please, to buy things I want, to go to places I love, and to eat at fancy restaurants whenever I feel like it. YOLO it is! But as I mature, I am urged (read: pressured) to be more responsible of my actions and take a second look at how I am doing financially. I've started to want to do more things right and fewer things wrong. Recently, I met some friends and I noticed that our conversations have shifted from chismis to more serious ... [ Read More ]



I am not really a techie person but it really helps me to be more advance especially in office concern, gym gadgets, kitchen, and anything that will help my life more easier. I love music, I love listening to good music... not only in the gym but on my way to work, while taking a bath, cooking, and more chores at home. It makes me feel relaxed and good music can really lift a good mood in you! I swear on it. Sometimes, if a medicine won't do the trick to get my migraine away, I listen to ... [ Read More ]

Summer 2016: Oriental Mindoro

Square Cafe & Aprtment Beach Front Villas

I always look forward in our holiday vacation every year and it only happens during an official long holiday due to office work. So, without further adieu this year we decided again to go back in our favorite resort in Oriental Mindoro, no, not the white beach (it is too crowded) instead we go to a private quiet place called: Square Cafe & Apartment     Square Cafe & Apartment is in Tabinay. It is well maintained, quiet, and a good place to relax. How to get ... [ Read More ]