Financial Literacy 101 with ME!


  Trust me, you can learn from a kikay like me ha ha! It's funny how time flies and  one day, you will find yourself thinking about your financial freedom... where you can wake up and let the money works for you. Not bad and not too late for almost 30-ish someone like me! I just can't believe it that few days from now, I am no longer in my 20's... Do I feel "fear" yes, I do! Not because of horrifying stories of how my body or face changes vs the young ones ehem... but with my ... [ Read More ]

9-5 Work: Mentorship


It's been years since I graduated and I still remember how I started working in established government offices and company. I am ambitious and larger than life ideas from the moment I graduated but when I took charge with my limited knowledge about the rat race, my heart was totally torn apart. My mentor who was my grand father (Atty. Gil Obsequio) passed away before my graduation. He is the one whom I listen to when it comes to my decisions in life. I know in my self that I will need a mentor, ... [ Read More ]

9-5: Workplace Gift-Giving Etiquette


As I shared to you my Christmas Gift Ideas this season, I will also give tips for workplace gift-giving etiquette. I remember back in the days when I started working with minimum wage salary, like you, I also thought of what kind of gifts should I give to my colleagues and senior heads. It is very challenging when you need to budget everything including holiday gifting in the office, so... do you really needs to give gifts? Here are top 3 delicate art of workplace giving.   1. ... [ Read More ]

Christmas Gift Ideas 2014


  Gift giving is one of the traditions that I look forward during Christmas Season. Last year, I was interviewed in GMA news about Christmas Ideas, watch this: It really excites me thinking about the gifts I want to give to people I value in my life. In fact, I do my shopping earlier Christmas season or simply enjoy shopping on the 24th of December... wala na masyadong tao during that day :) December might be an expensive month for all ... [ Read More ]

Rimmel London: Clean Finish Foundation

Rimmel London: Clean Finsih Foundation in 440 Natural Beige

Whenever I feel drowning in my workload I usually take a break for a walk or simply browsing the net and shop! I don't know... it feels so good to check things that I like to buy in cyber world. 2 weeks ago, one of my online beauty junkie friend went to Canada and sell me some beauty products. I haven't tried any Rimmel goodies since Divine Lee raved about it and other beauty junkie's that I like. Now that I have a bottle of Rimmel, here's my review: My signature liquid foundation that ... [ Read More ]