Camayan Resort

Overnight in Camayan Resort with the family

If you need a quick escape from the city, I highly recommend Camayan Resort :)   A quick trip with my husband's family in last week of February. The beach is all ours! ... [ Read More ]

The “Sining Saysay” exhibit

Janice Young's 'Chinese in the Philippines' at 'Sining Saysay: Philippine History in Art'

I had a privilege to attend  a history lesson with paintings. I have appreciation with it as I grew up exposed to the world of art. Not as a  qualified critic  but simply to appreciate such marvelous work by our very own hands that fascinates me. Sining Saysay features 30-piece collection showing portraits depicting different eras of a our country's history. This is a project of  the University of the Philippines Alumni Association and the Araneta Center. UP President Fred Pascual proudly ... [ Read More ]

Snippets of the Week


It's been a while and it has been a crazy ride in just a month as a student in University of the Philippines. I am not giving up though' but I find it hard to balance: work in Congress, as a Professor, being a hands-on homemaker and a graduate student. I will share my two cents about my graduate program once I have completed my first semester. Despite of busy schedule in my normal life as a public relations and adopting the new added role in my life as a professor for a year, we had a ... [ Read More ]

9 to 5: How to resign gracefully

resignation tips

    Is there a good or bad resignation? subjectively, yes. Good if you exit gracefully without burning bridges, Bad if you did. If you think making a good impression is critical, it's equally a "must" to leave on a high note. Good impression, timing and resigning gracefully are the top three crucial move in corporate world and here I will offer pieces of advice regarding resignation and walk away on good terms.   That day has come, I want to resign... who do I ... [ Read More ]

Pope Francis in the Philippines

Original photo taken via phone, 2nd row in finance road barricade

Finally, a time for my blog! This is a quick update about Papal visit in our country. Last month (January), I took a chance together with my sister and her office mate to be one of millions roman catholic who came to see Pope Francis  and be a part of historical moment in our country. I was terribly busy that I forgot to fix my ID as one of the privilege in my work... but I just like to think of it this way: maybe it was meant to be. Experiencing the sacrifice of all people gathered in Luneta ... [ Read More ]