Laura Mercier: Loose Setting Powder

Laura Mercier: Loose Setting Powder in Translucent

It was 2 years ago since I learned about this great product from my dear friend, Jahziel Manabat. During our photo shoot project, I asked her what face powder does she use because it is so nice on her face and she really glows despite of her heavy schedule... in short, her tired face was instantly covered by Laura Mercier loose powder. I usually put loose powder as my final touch after applying foundation. In daily routine for office use, I skip face primer and spf due to heavy coverage. ... [ Read More ]

Rep. Eric L. Olivarez in Good Morning Boss


For many years as Media Relations, I was truly happy for my latest accomplishment for my boss first live interview in PTV4. I am so nervous before the show but totally elated after he did well in the interview hosted by Diane Medina. After the lengthy airtime, my boss was happy too and asked us to join him for breakfast. He thank me and the rest of the staff in Congress. I will never forget this moment in my lifetime. Thank you Lord for all the ... [ Read More ]

The Bully in Me

Amiel's childhood photo

Amiel, my soul brother, my best friend and slave for life. I am writing this entry as a "response" to his heartfelt blog about our friendship "The Best Wish" If he thinks I will be gentle on this entry, hell no! I will not change in a million years on how I treat him sweetly because if I do, for sure he will buy a medicine to cure me. This will not be as lengthy as he did his "dramatic" entry about our friendship with tear jerker title. Oh my Amiel, stop it. No goodbye's not today, not in a ... [ Read More ]

Winterland Magic Look in Laneige

Laneige Winterlad Magic Makeup Collection

  In my daily routine as a working lady, I am constantly surrounded by noise, gadgets (yes gadgets!), a frantic work life (I am not complaining) , and enough frustrating news to completely douse my spirit... it becomes all-consuming shell, and it becomes easy to forget what the most important things in life really are.. but I don't simply give up trying to create a steady balance, maintaining grace and keeping grounded throughout. With that said, as busy bee I can get, my priority is ... [ Read More ]

Beauty Products Addiction of a Lawyer

An avid reader

Here's a photo diary post from Kwentong Kikay featuring Atty. Kaye Tamayao   Kaye invited me to visit her place last week after our circuit training in Curves. I was truly excited to see her room like a teenager in a slumber party! I love seeing new things and learning a thing or two from a friend to make my lifestyle healthier. Just like Kaye, She's the only person I know with a marvelous schedule during weekends. Lemme show you the rest of the photos, enjoy ... [ Read More ]