I am not really a techie person but it really helps me to be more advance especially in office concern, gym gadgets, kitchen, and anything that will help my life more easier. I love music, I love listening to good music... not only in the gym but on my way to work, while taking a bath, cooking, and more chores at home. It makes me feel relaxed and good music can really lift a good mood in you! I swear on it. Sometimes, if a medicine won't do the trick to get my migraine away, I listen to ... [ Read More ]

Summer 2016: Oriental Mindoro

Square Cafe & Aprtment Beach Front Villas

I always look forward in our holiday vacation every year and it only happens during an official long holiday due to office work. So, without further adieu this year we decided again to go back in our favorite resort in Oriental Mindoro, no, not the white beach (it is too crowded) instead we go to a private quiet place called: Square Cafe & Apartment     Square Cafe & Apartment is in Tabinay. It is well maintained, quiet, and a good place to relax. How to get ... [ Read More ]

Bb. Pilipinas #29: Maxine Medina

maxene medina

  Maria Mika Maxine Medina or simply Maxine was already featured in my Kwentong Kikay almost 3 years ago!!! (yes, that fast! how time flies) The first time I saw her, my initial reaction was  she is awesome fit for Bb. Pilipinas because of her figure and everything about her... and now she is really a candidate of Bb. Pilipinas! I am so proud and happy because this young lady is intelligent, humble, thoughtful, and pretty. Maxine Medina of PSID (Philippine School of Interior Design) and ... [ Read More ]



It's true in what they say... having a broken heart will give you a strong determination to change whatever you think that you have to change. First, it was my physical appearance that I am no longer happy. Yes, acceptance is the key to embrace a new lifestyle that will give you another shot in this life. When I was in college I am already a chubby girl weighing 140 pounds and changed it to 115 pounds. In 2008, I was enjoying my slender figure and so the boys are good to me (Channeling ... [ Read More ]


star wars 1

Who doesn't know the legendary Star Wars? Well, maybe I am too old so I am familiar with that haha! But I love Star Wars. It is a part of my childhood! Now, this season as days closing to Christmas is fast approaching, the showing of Star Wars as well is coming soon to theaters! As a fan of Star Wars and Uniqlo clothing! yes! I am a fan of both... this collaboration is uber cool and great to know that Star Wars is available in Uniqlo where the fabric of clothing is utterly comfy and good for ... [ Read More ]