Alviera Sandbox Aerial Walk


Oh yeah, the fun doesn't stops in ATV & UTV ride alone! after a wild ride you can now challenge your flexibility and strength in Aerial Walk which is good for adults or teenagers 15 years of age and above based on my observation. It's not easy A hokay, I must admit I hit the gym every week but my upper body was sore afterwards because I am not really a sporty kind so it challenged my body to do activities like Aerial Walk and Wall Climbing (deserves another post!) Before I totally ... [ Read More ]

SANDBOX at Alviera: ATV Ride


  Sandbox  is the newest large-scale, integrated mixed-use development in Porac. Pampanga called Alviera, a 1,125-hectare township designed to seamlessly combine urban living with nature. The first Alviera's attractions is Sandbox, which offers visitors memorable outdoor experiences from a number of attractions and adventure courses. The first attraction that I will share with you guys is the ATV rides! it is the most amazing adventure ever in Sandbox. It offers an hour and so ... [ Read More ]

Buffet 101


Based on my observation, it was year 2012-2013 up to present where buffet restaurants are rising all over Metro Manila. The only buffet restaurant that I am familiar with while growing up are (Tong Yang, Kamay Kainan, Bario Fiesta, Sofitel, Edsa- Shangrila) Now, Buffet restaurants are poppin' everywhere. It was only last year that I tried to dine at Vikings and City Buffet...It was totally gastronomical experience. Now for the first trimester for 2014, Buffet 101 is added to my delish ... [ Read More ]

Angel Food: What Went Wrong?


This is my first time to bake Duncan Hines Angel Food Cake into cupcake, nor even try it in a simple pan. I must admit that I didn't study on how much mix will I put in a cup to achieve the perfect shape... let me enumerate the ways :) I didn't use electric beater to batter the mix and it took me more than a minute because I enjoyed the consistency! totally failed. Then I pour the mix until it reach the top of the cup, again utterly wrong. You must not ... [ Read More ]

Hands-Free Massage at Ace Water Spa


As a SPAholic, it's my first time to experience hands-free massage through water! My mentor asked me to join her family to spend a wonderful night at ACE Water Spa (Thank you so much!) I was truly excited like a kid in a candy shop!     I haven't tried their food but I am total sold with the ambiance already, I totally love the taste of my mentor! Affordable but sophisticated and totally enjoyable :) To avail the swagger water spa massage all you have to pay is Php ... [ Read More ]