star wars 1

Who doesn't know the legendary Star Wars? Well, maybe I am too old so I am familiar with that haha! But I love Star Wars. It is a part of my childhood! Now, this season as days closing to Christmas is fast approaching, the showing of Star Wars as well is coming soon to theaters! As a fan of Star Wars and Uniqlo clothing! yes! I am a fan of both... this collaboration is uber cool and great to know that Star Wars is available in Uniqlo where the fabric of clothing is utterly comfy and good for ... [ Read More ]


sofie morabe

This Christmas season most of your hard earned money will go to... of course things or vacation that will make you and your family happy. For beauty addicts like me, here's a cool treat from INGLOT Philippines. Yes, buy one take one and up to 70% off! Now is the best time to update your makeup bag and give wonderful gifts to your love ones! INGLOT Cosmetics is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers in colour cosmetics, founded in 1983 in a small town of Przemyśl, Poland by Wojtek ... [ Read More ]

Christmas Gift Ideas 2015


  Here's the link to last year's recommendation for Christmas Gift Ideas. Today, I will write about WHAT NOT TO GIVE this Christmas. I know that it is the thought that counts, the presence of the spirit of Christmas and all material things that money can't buy! pero yung totoo?! yung sobrang totoo :) chos! Before I start, let me share you my favorite quote: "Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.” Self explanatory, so here's the top 5 list of what not to ... [ Read More ]

November Hit List

Available in generic beauty counters and stores. Php 500

It seems like every girl or boy has something new to try every month, grandiose or not we are all excited. One of my stress reliever is to try something new at least once in a month. This month of November, here are pretty little things that worth buying and can make you smile as it did to me. Well, as a beauty junkie... I always try new items to try every month, some became staple and some are good trends: I love books including beauty content! here's my recent buy: Love Marie, Makeup ... [ Read More ]

Starting Holiday Family Traditions


  Christmas is around the corner, and it is present year round. I grew up believing there's Santa Claus, attending 9 mornings, wearing new clothes, Noche Buena, exchange gifts in Christmas eve and enjoying the rest of the family gathering. Now that I have my family, I am still in awe how time flies and now me and my husband will start our own holiday traditions that our future children will carry throughout their lives. Over time, I have learned that traditions are not the basis for a ... [ Read More ]