American Standard Luxe and Style

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  I am a loyal consumer of  Wilcon Depot  and this place is like heaven to me like the way a Bookstore makes me feel: Euphoric. That's why when I received an invite from Wilcon Depot and American Standard, I immediately accept it! With other lifestyle bloggers the event was totally all about home interiors. American was introduced to us and as "Bathroom Police" I really don't like nasty looking bathroom. Gosh, of all places at home I refer to the bathroom and walk-in closet as the ... [ Read More ]

Bag of Beans & Sky Ranch Tagaytay


Y'all know that my dog is a spoiled one, that's why my husband and I make it a point to bring him once in a while where dogs are accepted to join with their human parents and have fun! I am glad that Sky Ranch allows pet inside their amusement not only that, they can also join the rides! We brought Coslow in Sky Ranch Eye with no entrance fee needed. He is not aware about the heights so he was just relaxed all through out the ride. Moving on, as we search for a good restaurant ... [ Read More ]

A Day Tour in Taal Vista Hotel


  Over the weekend, my husband and I, together with our lovely  poodle named Coslow, roam around Tagaytay to check establishments that allows pet to enjoy with their pet parents. As a devoted pet lover, I always make sure that our "pet" is also treated like family, as we are to him. Most of my readers asked me if they can bring their pets in  Taal Vista Hotel   since it is one of the most visited hotels in Tagaytay, I opted to make a review first here! Taal Vista Hotel In 2002, was ... [ Read More ]

White Room Interior

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Getting married means your decision alone is not enough in everything concerns your life together, there's "us" and the decision should be made by the couple and one of the hardest  negotiation that I have to deal is the part every time we are buying and re-decorating our house :) Before when I was still single, my mama and daddy just let me do whatever I want to do in my room. I feel so much happy to express my self then, now even I wanted to do our room as girly as it seems but no can do, ... [ Read More ]

A day with my mentor and a friend


      Just click the name and you'll read more about my mentor named, Jojo Terencio... my dearest friend. After 3-4 years of not showing up to him... I braved the day that I finally had the courage to have seen him. If you are wondering why? my answer is simple... I feel such a failure after I left the corporate world and be a full-time housewife. It's not that I regret being a hands-on wifey but career wise, I promised to him that I will do good since I am just a ... [ Read More ]