Flying Trapeze Philippines


Back in the day where I enjoy watching the circus, I often wonder how does it feels like to be one of the amazing trapeze or aerial performers in the show. I always wanted to experience it first hand but too scary ha ha! but thank goodness, our fitness centers and other related fitness activities are upgrading as time goes by. I am proudly say that given my body size, I am a bit flexible in some fitness activities. Of course, one should know their boundaries or else you'll end up in the ... [ Read More ]

Best Lip Care Products 2014

EOS LIp Balm

There's nothing more grueling than seeing dry lips and most specially, if you are lipstick lover like me... I don't really use a lipstick of any brand when I feel my lips are flaky and dry. Before I thought it was due to dehydration, but that's only one factor. My dermatologist told me that proper care and moisturizing lips is the key to having a smooth one. Also, my former schoolmate, now FHM babe Jahziel Manabat told me 2-3 years ago that part of her routine is smothering petroleum jelly on ... [ Read More ]

Skincare Routine 2014

Clarisomi Mia 1 and my hair pin :)

  As a beauty blogger and passionate user of beauty products, I don't agree a hundred percent to those who claims that good looks comes after with great personality. Why can't we have both? Beauty is subjective for both men & women and in my opinion each individual must take good care their physical look. You should really give an effort even 1% unless you are born flawless. Acne, pimples and all sorts of skin impurities will not disappear overnight and if so, it doesn't end there... ... [ Read More ]

Michelle Bumgarner: Filipina Race Driver


Part of my job is to organize courtesy calls for our filed house resolution which was also draft by me with supervision of my senior head in legislative department. As I entered the office of my new principal, I am proud to say that I made and filed less than 50 resolutions included congressional inquiry which was also published in broadsheet in a short span of time (4 months to be exact) and all suggested resolutions are quality and well-chosen ones. I am also happy for the trust that was ... [ Read More ]

Laura Mercier: Eye Liner in Espresso


    Hello gals! if you are frustrated on what product to use to have that beautiful cat liner which is also the signature style of Taylor Swift, well.. well.. well you are not alone. Although I have found the one that works for my teary-oily lids, it doesn't hinder me to buy and try new ones. Last month, I bought Laura Mercier eye liner in pot. It doesn't come with brush compare to other brands such as Bobbi Brow or Maybelline which I already tried. And if you are ... [ Read More ]