This coming October 24, 2015, will be an exciting day for kite-flying festival organized by Haribon Foundation. Me and my classmates as a COMM 287  grad students in UP Diliman are very eager to see the event and experience it first hand. All of us our nature lover! everything about environment excites us :) Animal migration is a worldwide phenomenon that is an instinctive behavior that drives them to travel from one place to another, by season, as part of their long-term health and ... [ Read More ]

3 Essential Body Language in Workplace

crossed arms

Actions speaks louder than words We have a lot of body languages that can identify what we are trying to imply, some maybe jargon or simply a normal reaction or response that mostly misunderstood. Here, I am sharing the top 3 essential body language what can help you in your workplace: TAKE UP SPACE SPACE MATTERS: TAKE UP SPACE Do you remember the rules about "space" well, if not, it is time to review it. When you take up space (standing up straight, arms relaxed), you appear more ... [ Read More ]

TW Steel: Collecting Time

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I have decided with the guidance of my mentor, Prof. Nina Era, that I will star a new hobby which is collecting wrist watch because of all things that I am doing and concerns me, "time" is very important to me, except when the day arrived that I don't want any "clock" in sight at home. of course how can it be? How will I able know the time. Well, actually I peek through my phone... boo hoo. So, now this will be a good start to stay calm while wearing a watch and collect quality wrist watch ... [ Read More ]

3 Ways to Improve Focus

(by the way, this is my favorite series of all time)

Like you, I also procrastinate or sometimes yearn for down-time and just enjoying staring at the space regardless of the deadliest due time of submission for work and school related matter. Given the fact that I need to push my self, it is still a puzzle to me... why on earth I still have this kind of phase? Shouldn't 30-ish gals know how to focus by this time? or simply not procrastinating or yearning for down-time. Oh well, just being me. So, here are the tips that hopefully can help you when ... [ Read More ]

Skin Care: Bio-Oil

Bio Oil Review

  As part of 5-days daily routine, wearing make-up is a must and so as removing it at the end of the day. Some can get away from sporting a no make-up look, or simply no make-up at all, lucky they! But my case is different, I love putting make-up especially lipstick and I will look like a zombie if I will not made an effort to do so, much worst... I also have the ridiculous spell of acne... it's in my genes urgh!. With that said, having a good make-up remover is a must in my beauty ... [ Read More ]